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About Power Tools

We are one of Kenya’s leading online power tools supplier. We are stockists of the best and renowned power tool brands internationally including Dewalt, Bosch, Makita and Ingco. We also stock related accessories like blades and batteries to help you make the best of your power tool. For top brands at great prices, we have everything you need to get the job done.

Our approachable, highly knowledgeable and proficient staff have decades of experience working with us and can offer unparalleled expertise when it comes to helping you decide which products are right for you. But that is not all, we are also always available after your purchase to help you make the best use of your power tool and troubleshoot it when you experience troubles.

We have the largest stock holdings in the country and therefore we are able to offer same day delivery for people who are within Nairobi and those that order early during the day. You can place your order with confidence and we will ensure that it is processed and dispatched with speed and efficiency.

Whether you are a professional tradesman or a keen DIY-er we have the quality products you need available at competitive prices. We are passionate about what we do and it shows through our premium content, quality products, premium brands, and top-notch customer service.

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Choosing The

Power Tools in Kenya

If you are in the market for power tools in Kenya, then you are at the right place. We work with some of the biggest worldwide brands including Bosch, Makita, Dewalt, and Ingco to bring you quality power tools for every project and budget. We have only selected these manufacturers because we know they offer our customers the best tools and services. All of the brands we deal with have been providing the Kenyan market with tools for decades.

Whether you are starting to build your tool kit or you are adding to an existing tool collection, we have tools for everyone. All the items listed on our website are in stock and ready for immediate delivery so you will have your tool with you ASAP.

Tools for every trade

It doesn't matter the trade you are in, we have tools for every need. From woodworkers, metal and car fabrication to repairs we have a wide variety of tools to suit your needs. Some of the tools available include; circular saws, drills, jigsaws, planners, SDS hammer drills, measuring tools, and many others.

Our tools are hand-picked for you by our team of professionals. As such, you can be sure each tool will serve you for a long time and perform as advertised.

Professionally trained experts

Our staff members are fully trained on the wide range of products we stock. We are therefore very well positioned to help you pick the right tool for your needs and budget. It is our business to know which tools you need and therefore we only stock those tools that are used and appreciated by your fellow tradesmen.

You can buy power tools in Kenya today from us in the knowledge that you are dealing with the experts. We are not only available for you before purchase, but also afterward when you need help troubleshooting or using your tool the right way. As experts, we are fully aware it is a learning curve and we are there for you every step of the way.

Top-Quality Tools at the Best Prices

We are direct suppliers of the brands we stock. Therefore, we bring you the best available tools at a price that suits you.

No middle-men. Also, through this website, we can further reduce our prices since we do not do expensive advertising campaigns or pay for expensive physical stores countrywide. We can reach our customers wherever they are in the country cheaply and with ease.

A wide range of brands to choose from

As a leading company, we offer a wide variety of premium brands for you to choose from. We offer the following quality tools;

Bosch Tools Kenya - Bosch knows how to make fantastic tools. Their tools are easily identifiable because of their iconic blue color. But, that is not all, Bosch tools Kenya are engineered for excellence. Bosch tools meet the highest standards in speed, accuracy, efficiency, innovation, and safety. Their full range of power tools includes drills, circular saws, angle grinders and so much more.

Makita Tools Kenya - Makita is a renowned company offering quality power tools in Kenya. This highly innovative company was the first to introduce cordless drills in the market with their 18V lithium-ion batteries back in the year 2005. They have over the years improved their cordless tools to become among the best you can find in the market.

Besides improving the batteries, they also use modern brushless motors in many of their power tools sold in Kenya With Makita cordless tools you are sure of the quality which makes the initial high investment worthwhile in the future. Makita tools are made to last.

Dewalt Tools Kenya - the other power tools in Kenya designed to withstand the toughest job site conditions are Dewalt tools Kenya. Dewalt tools are easily recognizable thanks to their yellow and black signature look. Further due to their quality, exceptional performance, and ergonomics, many tradesmen will tell you that yellow really belongs on the job site.

Dewalt tools were the first to introduce the hybrid battery system back in 2016. This system allows you to use several batteries to attain the 60V max FlexVolt or use several batteries in parallel to power the 20V max tools. The series connection gives you more power, while in parallel you get more working time as you use one battery at a time.

Ingco Tools Kenya - another key brand to consider when shopping for power tools in Kenya is Ingco tools Kenya. Ingco offers a wide array of tools and is also known for its borehole drilling machines. With their P20S series of tools, you can use the same battery for over 120 different tools. With the S12 series, the same battery can serve over 30 different tools. This saves you money because you don't have to spend extra money on batteries or chargers for different tools. It also makes it easy to purchase extra standby batteries and charges because you already know what you need.

Where to buy power tools in Kenya?

You already know the best brands of power tools to choose from for your next purchase. But where should you buy your tools? Choosing the right supplier for your power tools in Kenya is just as good as choosing the right tool to buy. This is because when you choose the right supplier you are sure to purchase the original product and not a fake.

Furthermore you get warranties on your product and enjoy unparalleled after sales support. It can take some time to learn how to use a power tool or how to take advantage of all the features available on the tool. Having a team of experts behind you to guide you along the way can be really useful.

We are the go-to company for all your power tools needs in Kenya. Our team of experts have decades of experience testing and selling power tools from the top manufacturers worldwide. As such, you can rest assured that you are getting premium tools and exceptional expertise to back it up. Contact us today to learn more about our products.