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Bosch drill price in Kenya

Bosch Drill

We cannot talk about drills without talking about torque. The more torque you get from your drill, the more turning force you get. This therefore means you can be able to turn long screws and drill through tough materials like metal and concrete. If you are looking to invest in a professional drill that will deliver exceptional power and torque, you should consider Bosch drills. And, if you want to enjoy this quality brand at the best Bosch drill price in Kenya, then you should consider buying from us.

Drills are all about power, and the more you power you can derive from your drill the easier your projects will be. That is where the 18V Bosch cordless drills win. These drills are able to attain good RPMs of anywhere over 1900RPM. There are also corded variants that offer same level of performance or even better to suit your needs.

Bosch also offers a wide variety of drills to cater for professionals and DIY-ers. They have normal drills, impact drills and Bosch rotary hammers with SDS. The Bosch rotary hammer drills with SDS are the most expensive. However, they are more robust and should only be used for professional purposes. They have high power of 1500 watts that makes drilling through any material easy. They are also used for chiseling functions.

We can help you choose the right Bosch drill for your needs. Our experts have many years of experience handling Bosch drills and so they know what can meet your needs adequately. This way you can enjoy a quality product at the best Bosch drill price in Kenya. Take guess work out of your next purchase and get a tool you will enjoy for a long time. Browse our wide variety of Bosch drills.