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Bosch Measuring Laser

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The old adage for all craftsmen is "measure twice, cut once." This shows you how important it is to have an accurate measurement. It is also an indication that taking a measurement manually can be challenging. If you want to measure accurately and quickly once, then the Bosch measuring laser is the tool for you.

The Bosch measuring lasers come in compact designs and are robust for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be used for a wide range of measuring tasks. Their reliable laser sensors provide consistent and accurate results even under harsh conditions.

The Bosch measuring laser is equipped with industry leading laser technology that delivers results with a high level of precision every time regardless of the distance you are measuring. There are small measuring lasers suitable for distances of up to 10m and powerful ones that can measure thousands of meters outdoors.

The outdoor Bosch measuring laser has integrated measuring modes that enable you to take reliable measurements even in harsh conditions such as partially reflecting surfaces, distant objects or moving items. These lasers are ideal also for industrial use for measuring diameters and lengths of other surfaces.

Bosch measuring laser is also extremely easy to use. You just direct the laser to the required surface on the other side and read the distance on the bright LCD screen on the measuring tool. You can change the measurement units between many metric and imperial units for ease of reading.

If you would like to invest in a measuring tool that takes the guess work out of measuring, then consider the Bosch measuring laser. With the Bosch measuring laser, you stop estimating and start getting accurate and highly precise measurements even in odd situations. We have a variety of these tools to suit different measuring needs. Contact us now to learn more.