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Demolition hammer Price in Kenya

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Demolition hammer Price in Kenya

Total Demolition Breaker 1700W

Input power:1700W
Impact rate:1400bmp Impact force:50J
6Kgs demolition breaker
HEX chuck system 1
Comes with a plastic packaging container

Total 1700W Demolition Hammer - Price: Ksh 32,000/=

Ingco 1700W Demolition Hammer - Price: Ksh 38,000/=

Total 2200W Demolition Hammer - Price: Ksh 82,000/=

Ingco 2200W Demolition Hammer - Price: Ksh 85,000/=

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There are instances when you are required to demolish a structure or parts of a structure to put up new ones. When such times arise, the need for a demolition hammer becomes an important issue. Demolition hammers are heavy and designed to assist you demolish concrete or wooden walls and floors with ease. The demolition hammer price in Kenya depends on the features and performance of the hammer.

As a leading demolition hammer supplier in the country, we offer a wide variety of high quality demolition hammers from renowned international brands. Our demolition hammers are powerful and make it super easy for you to break down hard substances like concrete and quickly get the work done.

Besides stocking the best products in the market, we also stock products that bring the right combination of affordability and performance. Top of our considerations when choosing the products to have in stock are ergonomics and your safety. Our hammers come with essential safety features and they are comfortable to grip and use.

There are also demolition hammers with adjustable handles that can be moved from the top to the bottom. This gives you the optimal hand position to work at various heights and angles without losing leverage. Besides impressive features, we assure you that your investment will last you long. Our demolition hammers are durable and can break down tough materials without breaking down themselves.

With other features like variable speed control, carbon brushes, LED lighting and so many others, we guarantee that you will find a product that works best for you. If you are looking to invest in an awesome demolition hammer, then we can help you. What's more, we offer our products at the most affordable demolition hammer price in Kenya. Contact us now to speak to our knowledgeable technicians or to place an order.