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Dewalt Tools Kenya

Dewalt Tools Kenya

Dewalt Power Tools

Known for their yellow and black color combination, Dewalt tools are a favorite with many people in Kenya. The brand has a wide array of tools with different power options for enthusiast and professionals alike. With Dewalt tools Kenya, you can repair or build with confidence knowing that you are dealing with a quality brand.

Designed for excellence, Dewalt tools provide reliable power tools and accessories that let you tackle jobs of any difficulty without a flinch.

Ergonomic Designs - Importantly Dewalt tools are known for their ergonomic design. Many tool makers ignore the little details but not Dewalt. Their impact tools and power drills, particularly, are known to have the best ergonomic designs that allow you to keep going for long without getting fatigued quickly.The manufacturer uses enhanced technologies and innovative designs to ensure that you can keep working for long without suffering fatigue from vibrations and shock.

First innovations – the line of the 20V cordless tools is one of the most sought after for Dewalt tools Kenya, with over 200 different tools available and still increasing. They also have the 60V and 120V power tools for higher power needs. To make it easier for users to switch from one tool to the other without reducing runtime, the company launched the FlexVolt battery. This battery can power 20V, 60V and 120V tools.

With FlexVolt, you only need to switch the battery to the desired voltage. For the 120V tools, you use two of the batteries together to power the tool. This gives users the flexibility to switch from one tool to the next without requiring a power source. It also enhances the versatility of the tools.

Specialty tools – Dewalt brand is also known for making quality and market leading specialty tools meant for specific and particular uses. Examples of the specialty tools from Dewalt include heat gun with LCD display, brushless framing nailer, adhesive dispenser, grease gun and threaded rod cutter. Their portfolio of specialty tools keeps increasing day by day.

With an innovativeand ingenious team that keeps working to improve, upgrade and add new tools into the market, you can always be sure that you are getting the best with Dewalt. But with the many tools in their portfolio and upcoming tools, it is best to get advice from a supplier that you can trust before you make your investment.

We are the renowned supplier of Dewalt tools in Kenya with many years of experience. We are specialist in supply of power tools. Our technicians and sales support staff are highly trained and knowledgeable about all Dewalt tools. We keep up with upcoming innovations from Dewalt tools Kenya so we can always provide you with accurate information and help you choose the very best tool for your needs and budget.

Whether you are a pro looking to invest in their top of the line tools or a beginner looking for affordable lower power tools as you learn, we are here to help you and the best Dewalt tools Kenya. Give us a try today.