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Heat Gun Price in Kenya

Bosch GHG 180 Heat gun - Powerful 1800 W with 3 stage temp control ie 60/350/550C
Price - Ksh 6,000

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Heat guns have a wide range of uses. From stripping paint, repairing electronics, removing labels and adhesives, shrink wrapping, shrinking cable sleeves and so much more. For professionals these tools are purchased for specific purposes but for DIY-ers that know what heat guns can do, they are always handy for many purposes. So how do you choose the right heat gun Kenya for your needs?

Choosing a Heat Gun

Power – the power needs of the heat gun depend on your usage needs. For professionals it is imperative to have a heat gun that can be able to quickly heat up the air so you have the heated airflow that can meet your needs. A heat gun with a high power is able to deliver more airflow rate (measured in litres per minute). The most powerful professional heat guns are usually corded and have a high power rating of over 2000watts. For those situations where a corded heat gun might not be practical, there are also cordless versions powered by lithium ion batteries available in the market.

Adjustable air flow – a heat gun at its very basic consists of a heating element, a motor and a fan. The motor provides the power required to heat the element. The fan blows the hot air to the surface required. Most advanced heat guns in Kenya come with adjustable air flow so you can control the force of the hot air blast on the surface where it is needed.

Adjustable temperature – another important feature to lookout for in the heat gun Kenya is the ability to adjust the temperature. Adjustable temperatures make the tool more versatile allowing you to work on different surfaces without overworking the motor or overheating it.

Thermal cut-out – this is a feature that is important with heat guns. The thermal cut-out automatically shuts off the heat gun if it goes above a certain set temperature. This is important because it keeps the user safe. It also helps to prolong the life of the heat gun by keeping the internal elements protected from prolonged exposure to heat and extreme temperatures.

Residual heat indication – this feature enhances user safety when working with heat guns. When unplugged the nozzle of the heat gun can remain hot for long and unsuspecting users can accidentally touch the hot nozzle. The residual heat indication shows the temperature of the rod after it has been unplugged from the mains to keep the user safe.

The best Heat Gun Kenya Supplier

Are you in the market for a heat gun in Kenya? Then you should consider using our services. We are knowledgeable on heat guns and can help you choose the best one from our inventory. What's more we only stock the superior quality brands including Dewalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, Stanley and Ingco heat guns. We do not recommend low quality products that can be problematic or jeopardize your safety.

Our commitment is to provide you with the best quality heat gun for your needs and within your budget. Contact us today for more information.