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Ingco circular saw price in Kenya

Ingco Circular Saw

If there is a brand you cannot ignore when choosing a circular saw is Ingco. Their circular saws are the epitome of quality, performance and affordability. Besides the circular saws come packed with some great features that make them worth every dime. We offer a wide variety of Ingco circular saw models at the best Ingco circular saw price in Kenya.

Some of those you will find in our inventory include the Ingco CS18568-8 circular saw. This saw can manage a 5000 RPM no load speed with a blade diameter of 185mm and a maximum cut depth of 65mm at 90 degrees and 45mm at 45 degrees. This circular saw is corded and connects to a 240 – 250V mains connection and it requires an input power of 1600 Watts. If your needs are not so high, you can go with a 1400 Watts variant of the same that achieves 4800 RPM.

Besides offering different power variants, Ingco also offers circular saws that are cordless. Their cordless circular saws are compact and designed to sit in your hand comfortably. The weight is distributed in a balanced manner to make the tool a breeze to use even when working with hard materials. The cordless circular saws are also able to achieve the same level of performance like the corded variants because they have powerful 20V lithium-ion batteries that deliver power on demand.

Ingco doesn't skimp on features that make your work easier in their circular saws. They also ensure that the circular saws are extremely comfortable and you can work for as long as you need to.

We on the other hand ensure that you get your favorite Ingco circular saw at the best Ingco circular saw price in Kenya. Place your order today and enjoy quick delivery wherever you are in the country.