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Ingco router price in Kenya


A router is one of those quintessential woodworking tools that you will find you might need for many projects. With so many routers available in the market and so many brands to choose from, getting the right router can be difficult. If you are in the market for a router, then you might have come across the renowned Ingco brand. We stock a variety of Ingco routers and we will give you the best Ingco router price in Kenya.

The Ingco router price in Kenya will vary between the different models we have in stock depending on several factors such as the power, router speed, and size or type of router.

All types of Ingco routers

We stock all types of Ingco routers including palm routers, mid-sized routers and full size routers. The palm routers are the smallest and are usually low power options typically offering less than 1HP of power. They are compact and suitable for small routing operations that require ¼" shank bits. They can be used for trimming, hinge mortising, forming edges, cutting slots, and cutting decorative inlays among other applications.

Mid-sized routers are the most popular because of their perfect blend of power and size. They are more versatile allowing you to handle everything palm routers can do and more because they accept both ¼" and ½" shank bits. They are suitable for small and large scale routing applications.

Full-size routers are the biggest and most powerful of the three types of routers available from Ingco. They also come at a higher Ingco router price in Kenya as compared to the other sizes. These routers are suitable for CNC operations or use on a router table since using them by hand can be cumbersome and tiring.

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