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Makita grinder price in Kenya

Makita & Angle Grinder

Makita corded and cordless grinders lead the market in their field. It doesn't matter your needs and budget. With Makita you will get something to splurge on as well as a great performer at the best Makita grinder price in Kenya. If you are a DIY-er that uses a grinder rarely, then you might not want to break the bank when acquiring one. Makita has got you covered.

Take the Makita 9564CV 4.5 inch, angle grinder for instance. This grinder is one of the most powerful in the market. It is rated at 4000 – 9000 RPM without load controlled by a 5-stage variable speed dial and ran by a powerful 12 AMP motor. This power makes the grinder suitable for working with stone, cutting, grinding as well as polishing materials.

The 9564CV 4.5 inch, grinder also comes packed with state of the art Makita safety features. For instance, it has the super joint system that prevents the tool from damaging in case it gets caught between a material you are cutting. The tool also has auto-power off to ensure it doesn't continue operating when it is jerked off your hands. What's more, this grinder comes at the best Makita grinder price in Kenya.

And this is not the only Makita grinder that you can enjoy at a good price. There are many others you will find in our wide range of Makita grinders. With our wide variety of Makita grinders, you can choose what suits your performance and needs. You will have a choice between corded and cordless, different sizes from 4.5 to 12 inches, different motor options, and many other features. Plus, we are able to deliver original and quality Makita grinders at the best Makita grinder price in Kenya. Give us a try today.