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Mitre Saw Price in Kenya

Mitre Saw Price in Kenya

Mitre Saw

One of the most versatile saws you can buy is a mitre saw. Besides being able to cut straight and true like a circular saw, it can also cut pieces used to make a mitre joint. This means that the saw can also cut at an angle and make bevels. The mitre saw price in Kenya depends majorly on the performance and the quality of the saw you choose.

Mitre saws are available as either corded or cordless electric saws. The corded electric saws allow you to keep on cutting without stopping to charge the batteries which happens with a cordless saw. However, with some top quality brands you can get over 250 cuts out of your cordless mitre saw before it requires a recharge.

The quality affects the mitre saw price in Kenya. To determine quality of the saw there are some indicators to look at. First is the build and the rigidity of the saw. A good mitre saw doesn't just give in easily. Another thing you need to look at is the ability to easily and accurately select the angles. The saw should rise and fall properly and accurately to ensure you always get the desired cut.

For a sliding mitre saw, the sliding mechanism should be smooth and free. Do not forget to also consider the power given by the saw. More power means you can cut more materials and also cut materials with ease. A good mitre saw not only gives you the high accuracy needed for tasks such as making picture frames, it also gives you capacity for handling demanding projects.

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