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Bench Drilling Machine Price in Kenya

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Bench Drilling Machine Price in Kenya

13mm - Ksh 24,000/=
16mm - Ksh 36,000/=
20mm - Ksh 44,000/=
25mm - Ksh 70,000/=
32mm - Ksh 95,000/=

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A bench drilling machine is a great addition for any serious craftsman because it takes the guess work out of drilling holes. With a handheld drill, your hand may shake due during drilling causing the hole to go askew. With a bench drilling machine this cannot happen. The bench drilling machine price in Kenya depends on the power, features and the brand you choose.

A bench drilling machine allows you to control the depth of the hole, the angle, and how fast the drill bit goes through the material. Top brands also add other additional features that make your work with the drill quite easy. Take for instance the speed control feature that allows you to adjust the speed of the bit depending on the material you are drilling through.

To ensure precision, many top brands add laser guidance which puts you firmly in control of where you put each hole and how it is drilled. This combined with the fact that your hands are free during operation make bench drilling machines highly suitable for large projects and for busy workshops where a lot of drilling happens.

Bench drills make it easy to get through an assortment of materials and thicknesses without having to invest in different drills. This is because they offer much more power than handheld drills offer. That is not all, they offer more control making it easy to work with any materials.

We are renowned suppliers of top bench drilling machines from internationally renowned brands like Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukee and others. As direct suppliers of these top brands, we offer our customers top quality items at the best bench drilling machine price in Kenya. Contact us now to learn more about our products and prices. Our technicians are on standby waiting to help you choose the right machine for your needs.