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Makita jigsaw price in Kenya

Makita Jigsaw

Makita is the epitome for production of jigsaws among other power tools. They do not disappoint when it comes to adding all the necessary features that enhance performance and safety of the user. Being a premium brand, many people shy off from buying Makita jigsaws but we are putting an end to that. We now bring you genuine Makita jigsaws at the best Makita jigsaw price in Kenya.

You can choose between the corded and cordless models to suit your preference. However, both the corded and cordless Makita jigsaws have the superior performance Makita brand is known for. They are also very well endowed with power. Checking the power ratings in Watts and in strokes per minute (spm) you will be impressed. Some of the Makita jigsaws in our inventory also have variable speeds allowing you to control the strokes per minute depending on the material you are working on.

Since you also have adequate power, Makita also gives you more cutting power. Some variants are able to cut thicknesses of 135mm in wood and 10mm in steel. This is quite impressive. Not to mention also that Makita also produces jigsaws with orbital action. Orbital action allows you to make straight cuts faster. It also ensures accuracy as you cut. Orbital action is also important because it reduces wear on the blade so your blades last longer.

Other features like tool-less blade changing and LED work light ensure you get a pleasant experience when using the tool. If you are looking to invest in a Makita jigsaw, you have made the right decision. The next step is choosing a supplier you can trust which is where we come in. we have a wide variety of Makita jigsaws to suit your needs. Plus, we offer the best Makita Jigsaw prices in Kenya. Browse our inventory and place your order today.