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Hot Air Machine

Hot Air Machine Price in Kenya

Hot Air Machine

For electronic repair technicians and electricians who are always handling circuitry boards, a hot air machine is a must have. These machines produce hot air that is directed through nozzles to the exact place on the circuitry board that needs to be repair, soldering or de-soldering.

Types of hot air machines

Hot air machines can be categorized into two; hot air rework stations and heat guns. The hot air rework stations are ideal for professionals that require more precision and accuracy in their work. Hot air rework stations come with different nozzles to direct the heat accurately to the area it is required regardless of how tiny. This ensures efficiency and swift work.

A heat gun on the other hand is smaller and more compact. Heat guns are ideal for bigger projects where a lot of precision is not needed. For instance, in repair of mobile phone and TV circuit boards a hot air rework stations comes in handy. Heat guns are ideal when heating metal to reshape it and other such uses.

Choosing the right hot air machine

Display – when working with heat, knowing the temperatures is important. It is therefore important for the hot air machine to have a display to show you what temperatures you are working with. Many recent models come with lighted LED displays that easily show the temperature. Most of these machines also show the air flow speed. Knowing these values will help you to achieve consistent results with different materials because you can master the best temperatures and air flow speed each material requires.

Adjustable temperature and airflow – for a truly versatile hot air machine, the airflow and temperatures should be adjustable. With heat guns you might get only a few preset temperature settings. However, with quality hot air rework stations, temperatures can be adjusted almost infinitely allowing you to achieve more intricate settings. Adjusting the airflow changes the speed at which the hot air is blasted on to the surface. This allows you to work with heat near sensitive surfaces without causing any damage.

Other factors to have in mind include; power, weight and material.

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