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Ingco Tools Kenya

Ingco Tools Kenya

Ingco Tools

Ingco tools were developed with one thing in mind – to make power tools available to many by offering quality at affordable prices. The company has definitely done this well and in a sustainable manner. The Ingco brand has become a world renowned manufacturer of power tools at the most affordable prices. The popularity of Ingco tools Kenya is growing at a very high rate.

The pricing doesn't limit the quality because the company doesn't skimp on the features that matter or using quality spares in their products. The manufacturer saves cost on their supply chain instead. They achieve this by partnering with overseas suppliers anywhere in the world rather than setting up their own dealers in every market which can be expensive. The end result is quality Ingco tools in Kenya at the best possible prices.

Ingco tools Kenya are known for their usability, they are easy to maintain, have top performance, high efficiency and quality. These are tools that anyone working whether professionally or not will enjoy working with. For instance, the company is particularly known for their power drills. Their drills are known for having top of the line features found in other competitor products and without the high price.

Their drilling machines have a solid design for durability and compact so they are easy to use. They are also multifunctional allowing you to drill and screw among other functions. Others even have a hammer mode for drilling concrete. Users can choose between many modes including hammer, hammer drill, regular drill and concrete drill. With their wide range of products, there is a product that meets the needs of everyone.

The drills can either be corded or cordless. The cordless versions have just as much power as the corded ones. They come with advanced batteries that provide power for long and charge quickly.They are also super powerful and able to drill through any type of material quickly. With Ingco drills you can quickly get through steel and other metals with the ease.

Safety is also a top feature in all Ingco power tools. All their power tools come with the essential safety features that ensure the user is not prone to accidents when working with the tools. Further, they also come equipped with ergonomic features that make the tools comfortable to use for a long time.

Ingco Tools Kenya Suppliers

Before you take the leap and invest in Ingco tools, you should first get a reliable supplier. We are a renowned supplier of Ingco tools in Kenya. We cooperate directly with the Ingco manufacturer to bring you their wide range of tools at the most affordable prices. Actually we price our tools at the recommended prices so you can rest assured that you get real value for your money.

We have a nationwide delivery system and all our tools are genuine, have all accessories required and warranty. We also avail spare parts when you need to repair your tools and even extra accessories to boost usability of your Ingco power tools.