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Jigsaw Price in Kenya

Jigsaw Price in Kenya

Jigsaw Brands

A jigsaw is an important machine to have in your arsenal. It is versatile and can be used to cut through wood, non-ferrous metals and composite materials including chipboard and plywood. They can also be used for making straight and beveled cuts. However, jigsaws produce a clean cut in thin materials. For cutting thick materials, a circular saw works best.

Features to lookout for in a jigsaw

Orbital action – a jigsaw with orbital action mimics the movement of the handsaw. It moves up and down but when moving up the blade is pushed forward into the material and on the downstroke the blade is moved back. High end and quality jigsaws come with orbital action. It allows the blade to provide a clean cut on all types of materials and reduce the tendency of the saw to bend during straight cuts.

Variable speed – if you intend to use your jigsaw to cut through wood only, then you can work with one speed. However, if you intend to cut through metal, wood and composite materials then it is best to go for a jigsaw with variable speed. This allows you to adjust the speed depending on the type of material that you are cutting. Metals are best cut at lower speeds that wood. Ceramics, glass and tiles require the least speed to cut through.

Power – a higher power rating means more cutting power for you. For home DIY-ers and hobbyist, the small machines with less power will be ideal. However, professionals need powerful jigsaws to provide the power to cut through a variety of materials with ease. Remember that the power affects the jigsaw price in Kenya. With a professional machine you can easily cut through 100mm of wood, 10mm of steel or 30mm of aluminum. Lower power jigsaws cut lower depth than that since they are less efficient.

Additional features – jigsaws usually come with a load of many other additional features that enhance usability and comfort. These features may also affect the jigsaw price in Kenya but you should only pay more for the features you need. Some of the features to consider here include; LED light for working nights, cutting guide, dust blower, tool-less blade changing and many others.

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We stock only the best brands in the market. Brands that are time tested and known to offer quality. We love brands that innovate and improve their machines so we can meet the needs of our customers. We are here to help you choose the best jigsaw for you needs and avail to you superior quality brands at the best prices. Give us a try.