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Stanley Tools Kenya

Stanley Tools Kenya

Stanley Tools

When looking for power tools, one of the brands that you will not miss being mentioned is Stanley tools. They have a wide collection of power tools that are same quality as many of the competitors but very fairly priced. With Stanley Tools Kenya, it is not a tradeoff between price and quality, as it usually is with other lower priced brands.

With Stanley power tools, you enjoy good quality, smooth performance and great features at a lower price. The power drill especially of the FatMax category is particularly impressive together with other FatMax category products. The FatMax drills are powerful and can perform any task at hand with ease. For DIY-ers as well as professionals, these drills and other power tools from Stanley do not disappoint.

The company has been expanding their portfolio of power tools constantly and now have so many tools for your choice. For a long time, Stanley tools have been considered to be only for DIY and home use. However, with the FatMax range of Stanley tools, professionals have the power they need and at the best prices.

Besides, the company also has a line of hand tools including screwdrivers, pull saws, organizers, utility knives and so many more. This is a great range of tools for those who need to have hand tools they can rely on many years on end. These are tools you are guaranteed to continue using decades to come.

As suppliers of the Stanley tools Kenya we have a wide range of all their products in our inventory. They have both corded and cordless products to ensure you get the power you need wherever you need it. Our experts help you choose between all the products in our inventory so you always land the best tool for your needs.

For many years now we have partnered directly with Stanley tools to ensure we bring to you their products at recommended prices. Compared to other third party suppliers, our prices are hard to beat. What's more our products come with a warranty.

When investing in power tools it is recommended that you work with a company that will be there for you when you need them to. Whether it is for sourcing parts, getting the information you need to troubleshoot your tool or even making inquiries about other tools and comparing the performance. We are knowledgeable and experienced with Stanley tools Kenya and other power tools. As such we are very well positioned to provide you with impressive customer support.

All our Stanley power tools are the genuine products made in the United States. It is important to take caution when you are buying tools lest you fall for imitations. The Stanley tools brand is growing and is bringing a lot of competition into the industry. We will keep updating our inventory with the latest and the best of the Stanley Tools in Kenya in all categories.

As market leaders we intend to continue providing nothing but the best for our clients. Give us a try today.