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Bosch jigsaw price in Kenya

Bosch Jigsaw

When it comes to jigsaws, Bosch is known for both quality and value for money. Their jigsaws do everything a jigsaw is expected to do and more. You enjoy all of this at affordable Bosch jigsaw price in Kenya. However, even with the most basic Bosch jigsaw, you expect some important features to be standard.

First of all, most of their models come with low vibration technology. This technology makes it easy to control the saw when using it. The power varies between models but even with a low power 500 Watt motor jigsaw, you can easily get through thickness of 70mm of wood and 4mm of steel. The power provided by your Bosch jigsaw is enough to get past these materials with ease and without bending the blade.

Bosch also makes it easy to change the blade with a simple push and click system in their jigsaws. This way you can quickly change the blade when you switch from one material to the other. Also, you do not need to keep track of small tools used to change blades in other brands.

Most Bosch jigsaws also feature the air blast function that keeps the line clear when you are cutting. They also have a dust extraction port if you would like to use a vacuum to get rid of the dust. Also, Bosch jigsaws are known for making true cuts because when they are in operation, the motor provides enough power to move the blade as desired. Many come with variable speeds or controls that allow you to choose the material you are working with and the machine adjusts the power and speed accordingly.

If you would like to invest in a Bosch Jigsaw, we guarantee you the best Bosch jigsaw price in Kenya. Place your order today.