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Grinder discs price in Kenya

Grinder Discs

There are many types of grinder discs in Kenya as there are types of grinders to choose from if not many. But choosing the grinder discs for you grinder is very important because you cannot do much with your grinder without the disc. Also, installing the wrong disc can cause problems during operation. The discs can cause damage when they crack because of wrong use. Investing in a good grinder cutting disc is therefore a no brainer and should not only be guided by the grinder discs price in Kenya.

Your disc should first tick off all the right boxes before you get to consider the price. The thickness of the cutting disc for instance is an important consideration to have in mind. For the longest time, 3mm disc thickness was the standard. However, over the years the grinder discs have gotten better and much thinner. Tougher materials are now used to make the grinder discs and chemical finishes are used to make the discs even harder when they are very thin. The standard now for most normal jobs is 1mm. For tougher materials like steel and others, you can go with a 1.6mm thick grinder disc.

Thinner grinder discs cut faster and produce a smooth cut. They are also generate less heat and friction than thicker grinder discs. Thick discs are essential when you need to get past the toughest and thicker materials you can come by.

We have in stock a wide range of grinder discs made by the renowned brands that make your favorite grinders and also others. In stock are grinder discs from Dewalt, Makita, Bosch and Ingco among other quality brands. Further since we are direct suppliers of these brands, you can expect the enjoy the best grinder discs price in Kenya. Place your order now. We deliver countrywide.