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Makita drill price in Kenya

Makita Drill

Makita specializes in production of premium drills made for professionals. Their success as a company is linked to how well they listen to their customers' needs and how well their R&D engineers respond to those needs. The result is a spectacular pedigree of drills that you can depend on. Since they have a wide array of tools, you can expect to get different products that meet your needs at different Makita drill price in Kenya. With Makita there is something for everyone.

Makita drills are known to come with some very innovative features. Some of the features available in all of their drills while others are available only in some of the models. The more premium drills with high tech features meant for professionals, cost more than the more basic drills do. With most of the Makita drills however, you will enjoy premium features such as anti-vibration technology that reduces fatigue, LED work lights, and safety features.

Makita drills are available in both corded and cordless versions. The cordless tools come with different capabilities. The corded tools are great for working in a workshop while the cordless ones are good for contractors that work at different jobsites. However, you can be sure that the performance of both corded and cordless drills is at par.

With all their features, exceptional power, and the fantastic performance, the results from Makita are a fantastic line of drills that are well designed, top quality and robust for professional use as well as DIY home use. We have in stock a wide variety of Makita drills for you to choose from. We have tools for everyone and for different budgets.

What's more, since we are direct Makita suppliers, we offer the best Makita drill price in Kenya. Browse our wide range of tools and place your order today.