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Wood Router Price in Kenya

Wood Router Price in Kenya

Wood Router

A wood router can do so much from cutting groves, inlays, profiling edges, cutting decorative flutings, rebates, drilling holes, shaping wood, flattening wooden surfaces and so much more. It is a versatile power tool that every serious woodworker should consider having. A router is a versatile piece of equipment with a very simple mode of operation.

At the very basic, a wood router consists of a motor mounted vertically on a base with attached bits for cutting into wood or plastic. The bits can be changed to cut the desired shapes and sizes into the wood, smoothen, decorate, flatten or do whatever else is desired. If you are in the market for a wood router, it is easy to get lost in the different features and sizes available for routers. But before all that it is best to consider the functionality of the router and also the wood router price in Kenya.

Features of a wood router

Power and size – wood routers in Kenya are available in three different sizes all with different power options. The small trim or palm routers are the smallest in size with low power. These wood routers use ¼"shank bits only. They are usually very compact and are the most affordable. They are used mainly for trimming, cutting hinge mortises, slot cutting, small scale dovetailing and edge forming.

The next size is the mid-size routers with power usually between 1 and 2 HP. They are the most popular size for DIY-ers and hobbyist because of their enhanced capabilities. They can handle a wide range of operations and are easy to use. They can accommodate both ¼" and ½" shanks. They can either be fixed or have a plunge based function and require both hands for operation. They are used for harder tasks than the trim routers including cutting circles, making professional dovetails, template design, panel cutting, and so much more.

Full size routers are the biggest and with the most power (usually above 3HP). They are usually used on table tops due to their size and weight. They are therefore not ideal for jobs where more maneuverability and single hand operation is required.

The size that you choose affects the wood router price in Kenya.

Base styles

Wood routers usually have two types of bases – fixed bases and plunge bases. Fixed bases are the most common. Routers with fixed bases have knobs on both sides for guiding the router. The plunge bases are more versatile than the fixed bases. They can do everything that a fixed base router can do and they also can be used to in operations where the bit needs to be plunged into the wood away from the edge.

Best wood router price in Kenya

If you are up to buy a wood router, we can get you superior quality routers at the best prices in Kenya. We are leading suppliers of quality routers including; Bosch, Milwaukee, Ingco, Stanley and Makita. All our wood routers are fairly priced based on the size, power and other features. Give us a try today.