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Car Buffing Machine Price in Kenya

Car Buffing Machine Price in Kenya


If polishing and cleaning your car's paint is not bringing back its shine, then it is time to buff. For effective car buffing, you need a quality car buffing machine. There are many brands with different features to choose from and all at different car buffing machine prices in Kenya.

A car buffing machine has a loose abrasive material on a disc or rotating wheel that works on the car paint removing superficial imperfections and scratches creating a smooth and shiny surface. When choosing the car buffing machine, several things should come to mind aside the car buffing machine price in Kenya.

First you need to consider whether you want a high-speed or orbital car buffing machine. A high speed car buffing machine is used on surfaces with a lot of deep imperfections. Due to the high speed this car buffing machine removes a lot of paint at once from the surface ensuring a smooth and shiny finish quickly.

The orbital car buffing machine on the other hand has orbital motion which limits the pad from staying on one place for too long. This is not as intense as high speed buffing and is used to eliminate superficial scratches and other little imperfections from the surface of the car.

Besides choosing the type of car buffing machine you need, you also have to check for other features such as the power of the machine, diameter of the discs, weight, progressive start, variable speed and the speed of rotation. All of these features determine how well the car buffing machine will serve your needs.

If you are in the market for a car buffing machine, then we can help. We stock high quality car buffing machines from renowned international brands at the best car buffing machine prices in Kenya. Contact us today for more information.