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Drill bits price in Kenya

Drill Bits

Drill bits are to drills what blades are to saws. You cannot achieve anything without them. Choosing the right drill bits for your drills can be just as confusing as choosing the right drill. The main factor however that greatly affects the drill bits price in Kenya is the material they are made of. Drill bits are made from a wide variety of materials including carbon steel, high speed steel, cobalt steel and tungsten carbide among others.

The type of material used to make the drill bits is important because it determines which materials the drill can get through. Also, the material determines the longevity of the drill bit. Materials that resist heat and friction last long whereas materials that have high tensile strength can get almost through all types of metal and concrete.

But the material is not the only consideration to have in mind. Most modern drill bits have chemical finishes that enhance the performance of the drills. Some of the finishes you will find on drill bits include black oxide, bronze oxide, titanium nitrate and ferrous oxide among others.

Also, drill bits come in different types. Some of the common drill bits include screwdriver bits, micro drill bits, auger drill bits, pilot drill bits, cobalt drill bits and many others. The choice here depends on the type of drilling you need to do and the size of your drill. While also considering all of these factors, remember that you must get the right drill bit size. They come in different sizes anywhere from 9mm to 26mm drill bits.

We also recommend that you purchase drill bits in sets to save money and ensure you have an extra drill bit when you need it. We have a wide variety of drill bits to fit the best brands of drills. Our drills can get through wood, metal and concrete with ease. Place your order today and pay the least drill bit price in Kenya.