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Dewalt grinder price in Kenya

Dewalt Grinder

Dewalt grinders are designed for heavy duty use and are serious tools for professionals. Dewalt grinders are perfect for metal work and masonry projects of any magnitude. The very robust Dewalt grinders reach speeds of 12,000 RPM. Although for these high power and speed grinders you expect to pay a higher Dewalt grinder price in Kenya.

Dewalt doesn't skimp on important features in their grinders. Most of their grinders come with high tech safety features that ensure your safety during operation. One such important feature is the guard that prevents accidental activation of the grinder. There is also a safety lock for good measure. This way your grinder will never run accidentally and cause you harm.

Another great feature about Dewalt grinders is the no-tool guard that is a breeze to remove. This makes it pretty easy for you to switch between cutting discs for different jobs. No-tool means that you do not need to use tools to remove and reinstall the safety guard located above the disc.

If you opt for the cordless models, you will get the 18V, 4Ah batteries or even the FlexiVolt models which use 60V max. It all depends on the power you need for your work. Dewalt batteries are long lasting and charge quickly. What's more they come with a life indicator so you are never caught off-guard. To ensure the tools never overheat, Dewalt has included battery cool down technology that dissipates heat away from the tool.

This ensures that the batteries can be recharded quickly and you can get back to work in no time. With Dewalt you do not suffer a lot of downtime even with a cordless grinder. This means that you can work more and recover the initial Dewalt grinder price in Kenya you paid for your tool.