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Sander Price in Kenya

Sander Price in Kenya

Sanding Machine

When it comes to finishing surfaces, no other power tool comes in handy than a sander. Sanders are available in different types with different modes of operation and base shapes. It is therefore important that when choosing a sander, you should have in mind; what materials you will be sanding often, the sizes and shapes of materials you will be sanding, the kind of finish required and also the sander price in Kenya.

Types of Sanders

There are several types of sanders you will find for sale in Kenya. The choice here depends on the level of finish you want to achieve and the kind of surface you are working on. Here are some of the common sanders available;

Belt Sanders – belt sanders have a sanding belt looped around two drums that are rotated by a motor to move the belt on the material. As the drums rotate, the belt sander is moved in one direction on the surface you are sanding. Usually, belt sanders are used where a coarser kind of finish is desired or in the first steps of finishing wood. Belt sanders are available with belts that are up to four inches wide. Most models also have variable speed for flexibility.

Orbital sanders – orbital sanders have rotate around an axis during operation. These sanders usually give a smoother finish. Also, due to the orbital motion they do not scratch the surfaces as compared to belt sanders. Orbital sanders can either have a circular base of a sheet base (rectangular). The sizes of the base also differ.

Small orbital sanders are called palm sanders and can comfortably be used in just one hand. Palm sanders are lightweight and are used to sand already installed surfaces because they are easy to use in a vertical position. There are also palm sanders with triangular bases that are used for detailing and sanding awkward shapes and in corners.

Random orbital sanders – they are also known as eccentric sanders or random orbit sanders. Random orbital sanders have circular sanding discs that rotate and also orbit when sanding. This motion doesn't scratch the surface at all and the swirl patterns left by orbital sanders are eliminated. Random sanders can be used on a variety of materials including plastic, sheet metal and wood. They also have more power and can quickly help with sanding big surfaces. Random orbital sanders are quite common with many professionals because of the many benefits they come with.

Quality sanders at the best prices

When choosing the right sander other factors like the power, dust extraction, variable speed, long reach sanders and others come into play. If you are in the market for a sander, then we can help you. We are suppliers of the best quality sanders in the market. Our sanders are from reliable and trusted brands like Bosch and Dewalt among others. We have in stock an inventory of a wide variety of sanders from the small palm sanders to professional random orbital models. We are knowledgeable about sanders and will help you choose the best one for your needs and at the best sander price in Kenya.