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Ingco drill price in Kenya

Ingco Drill

A good drill should have a decent performance, have easy controls and be able to handle a variety of tasks. One brand offering drills that tick off all the right boxes is Ingco. Plus, the brand also offers very competitive prices for their drills. Plus, if you make your purchase from a direct supplier like we are, you enjoy the best Ingco drill prices in Kenya.

The Ingco drills are designed with a lot of attention to the details that matter. For heat dissipation, these drills have large ventilation slot which easily allows heat to escape from the tool easily. What's more, Ingco drills are multifunctional meaning they work both forward and backwards. Besides, drilling in screws, they can also be used for removal of screws.

Ease of use is also emphasized in the Ingco design. The drills are very well balanced in weight so they do not tire you out. They are also compact and easy to use even in awkward positions and small spaces. Ingco drills are available in corded and cordless variants.

The cordless variants come with lithium-ion batteries that work well with the machine intelligence technology of Ingco. The batteries have over-current protection and the tools come with over-heating technology that protects the tool and the battery from overuse. This way, you get optimal performance in every session. The batteries are compatible with all Ingco cordless tools and give you 20V. The fast charger will juice up the battery to full capacity in only one hour. And o you are never caught off guard, the tools have a life battery indicator so you can see how much power you have left.

We have a wide variety of Ingco drills for you to choose from. Browse the tools and contact us if you would like to learn more. Place your order today and receive your tools ASAP.