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Ingco grinder price in Kenya

Ingco Grinder

If you are investing in a grinder and are worried about the price, then you should consider Ingco. Ingco grinders are not only of superior quality and performance, they are also affordable. Besides enjoying the best Ingco grinder price in Kenya, you also get premium features available in all other top brands. By offering top specs at the best prices, Ingco has become a highly competitive brand worldwide.

The Ingco angle grinder 750 is a popular tool in the country. This is not only because of the affordable price but also because of the features and performance. This grinder is a corded one and therefore you get consistent power as you work. It also means that you can keep working for a long time without requiring to stop to recharge batteries.

Another popular Ingco grinder is the 950W – 125MM grinder. This powerful grinder achieves 11,000 RPM no load speed. The higher the speed the easier it is to get through even the most difficult materials. This professional grinder is also made to last with a metal and quality plastic finish. The handle is ergonomic and can switched for use by both left and right handed people. The Ingco grinder price in Kenya for this model will also make you smile. It is quite affordable and especially when you buy from a recommended supplier like us.

Ingco brand is a living testimony that you can get quality grinders at affordable prices. Browse our wide variety of Ingco grinders and place your order today. We support same day delivery for people who place their order early on during the day. However, you can be sure your order will be delivered quickly regardless of the time you place your order.