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Makita Tools Kenya

Makita Tools Kenya

Makita Tool

One of the brands known for being properly priced and having good quality at the same time is Makita. Their power tools are the epitome of "quality and affordability." It is one of the many reasons why many people are going after Makita tools in Kenya. Even for the Makita tools that might be slightly higher priced than the competitors, the smooth and enhanced performance usually makes up for the price. You will not even notice that you had paid a little bit more for the tool due to the exceptional performance.

Leading innovations

The Makita brand is especially known for their power drills. They became an instant hit when they invented the Star Protection System which is now used in most of their power tools. The Star Protection System enhances performance of the cordless machines and optimizes battery life. The Star Protection System utilizes computerized controls that enable realtime communication between the battery and the tool to optimize power usage according to the needs. High power activities get more power while light activities are given lesser power which enhances battery life.

But that is not the only innovation you will enjoy from the Makita tools Kenya. Their cordless power tools come with leading battery technology. First they have the first charging technology in their Lithium batteries allowing some batteries to become fully charged in just over 20 minutes. Further, their batteries resist self-discharge during storage so they have power for use the next time you rush to your tool for a quick job. That is not all, Makita tools run just as usual even in the coldest weather.

Variety of products

If you are looking to invest in many products from one manufacturer for a system, you can count on the Makita tools Kenya. They have a wide array of corded and cordless tools in their portfolio that you can choose from. The company manufacturers tools such as circular saws, jigsaws, mitre saws, table saws, drills, and all other power tools you might need for your workshop. You can therefore save money on chargers, batteries and other accessories that you can share between the machines you have.

Brushless motors

Makita products are known for bringing the best motors in the market. Their brushless motors are more superior because they have fewer moving parts. This means less chances of getting spoilt and also reduced heat loss. Makita also went further to design their motors with what the company calls LXT technology which reduces overheating. Their brushless motors are therefore more efficient, more powerful and do not overheat when in use.

Time to Invest in Makita Tools Kenya?

If you were on the fence on whether to go the Makita way or with a competitor, maybe it is time to take the plunge. Makita tools are durable, powerful, have innovative features, safe and have exceptional performance.

We will walk with you through your journey of investing in the power tool(s) of your choice. We will help you choose the right tool for the job too. Give us a try today.